2016-2017 Restoration Project

    In 2016-17 The Board of Directors,officers and members of The Oldest House Historical Society raised money, solicited donations and wrote grants in order to collect the $120,000 necessary to repair the laid-up stone foundation at the House. For several years, the foundation had been buckling severely as well as problems with the rotting sills.

     With the assistance of an Architectural firm in Syracuse,Ny  that specializes in historical buildings a plan was made to do necessary repairs that would restore the House as close as possible to its original design. A construction firm was hired along with a stone mason and the job was begun. As with all restoration projects a few more problems were discovered and solved. Heating and electrical systems were replaced and improved. Now along with the new cedar shake roof that had been done in 2011 the work was complete and should ensure that the House will stand for another 230 plus years!

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